Meat & Dairy Substitutes

The plant protein market is steadily growing and alternatives to meat and dairy products are now commonplace. The dairy alternatives market is expected to reach $35 billion by 2024. Similarly, the meat substitutes market, comprising soy, seitan, mycoprotein and other alternatives, is expected to reach $5.17 billion by 2020. Across all indicators, demand for protein alternatives seems insatiable. And so, the demand for protein alternatives is insatiable.

ChickP provides the fresh “new thing” in meat and dairy substitutes – pure, highly nutritious and virtually tasteless, that enables to produce meat & dairy substitutes with an authentic bite and excellent flavor.

Protein fortification.
Functional foods, nutritional supplements

Protein fortification and enrichments as whey and other plant proteins are popular in sports and weight loss diets, especially for children or adults watching their figure. Side effects such as bloating, nausea, and more, are known to exist when consumed in high doses.

ChickP offers a fresh new alternative to whey and other protein fortifications – one that is nearly tasteless, has a feisty bite, and takes plant protein to the next level.