Take Advantage of our Innovative Chickpea Protein

Our new plant-based protein will enhance your dairy and meat-substitute food products with an authentic bite, and add nutritional value to just about any food product.

We can’t live without proteins. Proteins are large biomolecules consisting of amino acids essential for everyday body functions as DNA replication, immune responses, metabolic reactions as muscle building, among other vital activities. Dietary protein is derived from many food sources, as meat and dairy, and plants. But as it turns out, proteins from different sources are not all alike. Clinical studies show that red-meat consumption, especially on a daily-basis, is linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases, whereas plant protein sources can promote health.

ChickP presents a chickpea protein add-on with the highest and most complete nutritional profile and digestibility.


Nutritional value and qualities

ChickP has developed a neutral-taste chickpea protein concentrates and isolates that are both nutritious as well as functional. Our IP-protected extraction process removes the bitter taste and most of the non-nutritional factors, which benefits both the consumer and the food idustry.


Typical amino acid

  • Cysteic acid1.1%
  • Aspartic acid7.87%
  • Methionine sulfon*1.67%
  • Threonine*4.6%
  • Serine6.05%
  • Glutamic acid10.2%
  • Proline3.53%
  • Glycine3.86%
  • Alanine4.47%
  • Valine*6.52%
  • Isoleucine*3.3%
  • Leucine*6.61%
  • Tyrosine2.11%
  • Phenylalanine*4.79%
  • Lysine*6.27%
  • Histidine*2.06%
  • Arginine8.77%
  • Total99.93%

*Essential amino acid

Proximate analysis

  • Energy(Kcal/100gr)414
  • Protein (%) > 85
  • Fat (%) < 5
  • Ash (%)5
  • Fibers (%)6
  • Starch 1.5


  • Foaming
  • Solubility
  • Water absorption
  • Oil holding capacity
  • Emulsification
  • No off flavors


Consumer Benefits

Healthier. Safer. Greener.

Conventional plant-based proteins have many drawbacks, such as off flavors, unwanted phytoestrogens that may cause hormonal disruption, allergenicity and many more. ChickP offers the most complete protein formula that’s 100% natural and up to 90% pure protein.

So many benefits without the taste:

  • Highest level of complete plant-based protein
  • Excellent nutritional profile and protein digestibility
  • Hormone and allergens free
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • Non GMO

Industrial benefits

Manufactured in a cost-effective process, our novel chickpea protein will differentiate your food products in exciting new ways.

  • Neutral taste
  • Ideal protein fortification for food products
  • Functional ingredient for food production
    1. Foam formation
    2. Solubility
    3. Emulasion
    4. Texture
    5. Viscosity
  • FREE of Allergen, Gluten, Lactose, and Hormones
  • Non-GMO & Clean label